About14 years experience

I'm the right person for the job...

I take pride in creating a vision, mission statement, and core values that honor and serve my clients. Life is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed which is why we take care of the mess and cleaning to allow you to live in a clean and safe environment.

* Dust surfaces

* Dust and hand wipe furniture tops

* Dust baseboards, chair rails, and door panels

* Dust ceiling fans (within reach)

* Vacuum carpets

* Vacuum and damp mop floors

* Dust blinds, window sills, and lock ledges

* Dust furniture

* Dust pictures frames

* Dust lamp and lamp shades

* Dust and clean mirrors

* Empty all trash

* Dust cabinets, door panels, and baseboards

* Clean and disinfect surfaces

* Spot clean cabinet fronts

* Clean, disinfect, and shine showers and tubs

* Clean and disinfect toilets inside and out

* Clean and disinfect door knobs and switch plates

* Shine fixtures

* Clean and disinfect sink

* Clean and disinfect microwave inside and out

* Clean, disinfect, and shine outside of oven and top of range

* Clean, disinfect, and shine outside of dishwasher

* Clean, disinfect, and shine outside of refrigerator

* Clean and disinfect kitchen table

When I'm not tasking...

I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love fishing, dancing, singing, reading and helping others in my Community.

When I'm tasking I always make sure to...

We strive to continuously improve our cleaning methods and products to provide a pleasing cleaning experience every time. Whether you are seeking a weekly residential cleaning plan or a daily commercial cleaning schedule, we can handle jobs of all sizes.

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  • Richmond, Va
  • Henrico, Va
  • Chesterfield, Va
  • Chester, Va
  • Highland Springs, Va
  • Sandston, Va
  • Hanover, Va

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Chester, VA, USA


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