In just a few minutes you can create a no cost, comprehensive and professional profile for your cleaning, hauling, packing or storage service business. OjaMove is free for everyone, service providers and potential clients. You will never be asked to provide credit card info or be charged a fee to view messages. You simply create your itemized price list for the services you can offer, and potential clients in your area will be able to contact you directly if you are offering the services they need.

All transactions are direct between you and your clients. OjaMove will never take commissions on the services you offer or charge clients to view your profile. You do the work, you get paid - no middle man! The more detailed your profile the more chances you have of getting hired, include pictures and descriptions of your service options. OjaMove’s reciprocal review feature keeps everyone accountable; provide awesome service and ask your clients for reviews. You can also share your experience working for that client.

Another cool feature OjaMove offers is the ability to network with other service providers in your area and/or give recommendations for providers in other areas. For instance if you offer short haul services you can network with storage and cleaning service providers to support each other’s efforts or even promote service packages.

OjaMove is a win - win way to get your business moving! Start promoting your business, building your clientele and professional network today, absolutely free, on OjaMove!