When people think of Movers they tend to think of national companies with huge trucks, but what if you are a student and all you own is a futon, a folding table and a dresser? It can be really frustrating for people who only need to move a few things but may not want to rent and drive a truck themselves. When they contact the “Big Boys” they are asked for square footage - and given ridiculously high quotes for both their needs and their budgets.

If you have a valid driving license and are physically fit you can fill that gap and supplement your income by creating your own mini moving business. Even if you don’t own a pick-up or van there are plenty of self-drive rentals out there that will s. . . . .

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People and businesses are moving all the time so unpacking and packing, loading,  hauling and cleaning services are great side businesses to help supplement your full-time income. You can use OjaMove to promote moving related services like packing and unpacking business for free and to attract business. It’s a perfect platform for bootstrapping your business. You can customize your profile and connect with potential customers right away, directly with no cost or middle man.

You have other options for marketing your packing and unpacking business, like posting flyers around your local community, telling your friends and family and connecting with real estate agents and leasing agents. Those all take a lot of time, plus the expense of printing and flyers are easy to ign. . . . .

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Websites are an expensive investment for small businesses and moving companies. And they are an investment that may not always pay off. Many small businesses invest in websites and do not see much return or new customers from it.

But you can actually promote your moving business online without a website by using OJAMOVE.com; an ENTIRELY FREE social networking site for moving businesses.

Here are some reasons that OJAMOVE.com is the best online platform for moving companies that do not have websites.

  1. OjaMove is already built for search engines.

One of the biggest benefits of having a website is that people can find you when they search on the internet for you. . . . .

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