These tips were originally published by Atlantic Self Storage, a provider of clean, affordable, high-quality self-storage solutions to more than 50,000 customers in Virginia.

  1. Smallest

Rent the smallest amount of space you will need and pack the unit full.

  1. Gather Materials

Start by gathering as many boxes as you think you will need, plus tape, markers and packing material (e.g., foam shipping noodles, bubble wrap, packing paper or towels).

  1. Uniform Sizes

If possible, try to use uniformly sized boxes for easy stacking.

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Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels, universities, and other public places are convenient, but often they’re not secure. If you connect to a Wi-Fi network, and send information through websites or mobile apps, it might be accessed by someone else.

To protect your information when using wireless hotspots, send information only to sites that are fully encrypted, and avoid using mobile apps that require personal or financial information.

How Encryption Works

Encryption is the key to keeping your personal information secure online. Encryption scrambles the information you send over the internet into a code so it’s not accessible to others. When you’re using wireless networks, it’s best to send personal information onl. . . . .

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Storage facilities are great options in many scenarios. Whether you are downsizing, temporarily moving, or just have an excessive number of items that are not being used, you can use a storage facility to house your items. Before you move your items in to storage, you want to make sure they will be safe and protected. Here are 6 tips for preparing your items for storage.

  1. Visit the storage space.

Not all storage facilities are created equal and you absolutely need to visit your storage facility before moving day. Come in during the day when the office will be open so you can ask the manager any questions you might have. Check for the cleanliness of the location, security capabilities and how many people are on site during the day.

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