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Moving is stressful—and expensive—even when everything goes as planned. And if you’re in an accident with your moving van, not only could your stuff be damaged, but you could be on the hook for repairs with your rental company.

Like rental car companies, services like U-Haul encourage customers to buy company insurance policies for each trip. But what do these policies cover—and are they really necessary?

Is the van protected?

Accordin. . . . .

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With all the expenses related to moving, many Washingtonians choose to save money and do their move either by themselves, with friends or with a few hired hands. But even if you choose to skip out on hiring movers, you will probably need to rent some type of truck to help you move your items. Renting a truck can be an easy process but there are some things you will want to know first. We gathered some of the most important frequently asked questions about renting a moving truck!

  1. Determine your requirements before you rent a truck.

The first thing you will want to know before renting a truck is what size and type of truck you might need. Many rental companies have a variety of truck sizes from trailers and vans to large trucks. Also, many i. . . . .

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