Millions of Americans move every year and many of them hire movers to help the process. While there are many reliable and trustworthy moving companies out there, there are also many scam artists and frauds. It can be hard to tell the good guys from the scammers, there is plenty of information about existing moving scams that will help you stay protected. Remember that an informed consumer is a protected consumer. Here are the top 5 moving scams you should know.

  1. A large deposit

One of the biggest moving scams is the company that demands a large deposit prior to your move. Be wary if anyone asks 15-20% and up of your deposit. More often than not, they take your money and you will never hear from them again. Most movers do not request deposit. . . . .

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Imagine that you live in one city but because of your work, you have been renting a room in another city for several months. Because you are just renting a room and only live there part time, you only have a two pieces of furniture you need to move. When your contract is up and it’s time to move back home with your two pieces of furniture, you realize that you need to either hire movers or rent a truck.

You call a moving company and explain that you are moving across cities but only have two pieces of furniture you need to move. They quote you for over $1,000. You’re surprised because you are only moving two pieces of furniture! But when you ask for a price breakdown, you are told that it’s a flat price or their price breakdown is confusing and doesn’t ma. . . . .

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A cleaning business can be a very successful endeavor. After all, everyone needs cleaning businesses! But the competition can be fierce and it can be difficult to reach new customers when you are first starting out.

There are plenty of options for you to start marketing your business and earning clients. Here are four smart ways to get started marketing your cleaning business.

Find your target market.

It’s important to know who is in your target market, meaning who are the people most likely to be your customers? Will you focus on a specific geographic area or in a certain town? Do you want to focus on residential or commercial or office buildings for your cleaning business? It’s important to be clear on where your potential customers. . . . .

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