Your top-performing employee asks to talk with you, and after exchanging a few pleasantries, she lets the news drop: “I’m putting in my two-week’s notice.”

That’s when your mind fills with questions. How did this happen? Is this my fault? Who else is leaving? Is there anything we could have done to prevent this?

It takes so much time and effort to hire new employees. To reduce the rate of employee turnover, cleaning businesses should continuously optimize their businesses, so they can keep their employees longer.

Let’s take a look at some proven ways to reduce cleaning employee tur. . . . .

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When people think of Movers they tend to think of national companies with huge trucks, but what if you are a student and all you own is a futon, a folding table and a dresser? It can be really frustrating for people who only need to move a few things but may not want to rent and drive a truck themselves. When they contact the “Big Boys” they are asked for square footage - and given ridiculously high quotes for both their needs and their budgets.

If you have a valid driving license and are physically fit you can fill that gap and supplement your income by creating your own mini moving business. Even if you don’t own a pick-up or van there are plenty of self-drive rentals out there that will s. . . . .

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90% of any successful business is good communication and that is true for movers, packers, loaders, drivers, and cleaning service providers too. If you are wondering how you can make potential clients feel confident about hiring you, keep reading! created this learning blog to help start-ups and individual entrepreneurs in the moving, packing, hauling and cleaning service industries to get their businesses moving.

  1. Become an active listener.

The first key to winning a job is understanding what the client really needs. Listen carefully and ask about their concerns. If they don’t see that you care about their needs, they will kee. . . . .

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