How It Works

  • Looking for a Service Provider?

  • Select the type of service you need

    Depending on the service selected (Mover, Cleaner, Driver, Storage or Truck Rental), choose the specifc items or sizes to have the total estimated cost.

  • Compare Rates and Reviews

    Compare rates to see how much each provider charges for the specific service you need. Checkout the provider profile, read customer reviews and select the best provider and price.

  • Contact Service Provider

    Contact the service provider selected. The email to the provider will include the items or sizes you selected and the estimated cost. You can also post the job on the Job Board.

  • Chat with providers.

    When the provider receives your email, they will contact you through our secure messaging platform. Don't be shy; ask questions, negotiate and pay only for the help you need.

  • Hire your service provider!

    Once you have found the best service provider and are happy with the price, make payment arrangements and get the help you need! OjaMove is FREE.

  • Looking for a Job?

  • Create your Free profile.

    Select the type of provider you are, business or individual provider. Enter all information for the selected category.

  • Update Your Provider Profile

    Try to be as complete as possible. A complete profile increases your chance of getting hired. Remember, your profile is a FREE advertisement and will be reviewed by thousands of users every day!

  • Search for a job.

    Users post projects and jobs every day so search for the best one that fits your skills, your location and your price point.

  • Apply for Jobs Posted by Service Users

    Apply for jobs and get hired. Users will review your profile and pricing and will contact you through our secure messaging system. It’s easy and convenient to get hired on OjaMove!

  • Ask for reviews and get hired again!

    Once your job is completed, ask for customer reviews. Remember, good reviews will help land your next gig.

Looking for a Service Provider

On OjaMove, you can have peace of mind and convenience. By posting your job details and proposed price, you can reach service providers who are the best fit for you job. If you prefer not to post your job and instead to reach out to service providers directly, you can do that as well! You can search through our listings and easily find information and reviews from other users so you can trust the service provider you are hiring. OjaMove makes it fast and easy to find the service provider you need or get hired. Here’s how it works:

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Looking for a Job

OjaMove has opportunities to get hired for big businesses as well as, individual who want a few side gigs. Whether you have a large company with many employees or it’s just you, you can get hired on OjaMove. OjaMove allows you to connect with individuals who needs your services from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to knock on doors or wait for someone to come to you to hire you!I Now you can promote your business or service and find jobs all in one place!

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